Bonus Club

Join our key tag program and get punches for your purchases!

For example, spend $50 with us, and receive an equal value of punches for your purchase!
We allow you to accumulate your cards, so you may save them for a big ticket item if you wish!!!
We will occasionally give free gifts to Bonus Club members when they check out and present their card!
Stop in often... you never know when it’s going to be Giveaway Day at Brown & Hopkins!!!!

  1. Membership in the Brown & Hopkins Country Store Bonus Club costs $2.00 and includes one punchable card, which entitles you to $25 in free merchandise upon completion of all punches. We will punch ONE $10 punch right away – just for joining!!! And a second $10 punch on your next visit! These are noted as the circled $10 items. We ask that you put your Bonus Club card where you feel you will be able to find it easily.
  2. You will receive punches for all regular priced merchandise that you buy (totaling at least $10) excluding penny candy, antiques, and consignment items. Individual items priced at over $200 per item are also excluded... sales tax, discounted items and previous purchases are also excluded. Bonus Club cards may NOT be used during a sale.
  3. It is your responsibility to present your Bonus Club card at the time of purchase. If you forget your card, we will be happy to stamp the back of receipt. You will have 30 days from the date printed on the receipt to come back and receive punches for that purchase. Just present your stamped receipt and your Bonus Club card.
  4. Occasionally we offer STORE WIDE SALES with 15% off, and allow cards to be punched. You will be notified by email in this circumstance. In this case, punches will be earned on the amount after discount or coupon.
  5. If a purchase completes a card, and leaves you with a balance of points, we will ask you if you would like to renew your membership for $1.00. If so, we will then punch your additional points on a new card. Your completed card may be redeemed for another purchase that day or saved for a future purchase.
  6. Completed key tags may be redeemed for regular priced merchandise at any time — no expiration date. All you need to do is present your card to cashier when you have finished shopping and we will deduct $25 off your total (sales tax cannot be paid with the Bonus Club card) for each completed Bonus Club card redeemed. No partial or cash redemptions. Must be used in full at time of redemption or forfeit the difference. You may redeem as many completed cards at one time as you wish. Bonus Club cards may NOT be redeemed for clearance items, candy, gift certificates or antiques.
  7. In the event you need to return an item that you purchased and received punches on your card for, you will receive a merchandise credit for the amount of the return. Punches will not be earned on Merchandise Credit since you already received credit when you first made the purchase.
  8. Your Brown & Hopkins Bonus Club card is nontransferable and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.

Thank you for joining the Brown & Hopkins Country Store Bonus Club!

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